Liner Agency Services

We are proud of our track record throughout Asia of quickly setting up and developing agencies on behalf of our principals, which range from MLOs and Inter-Asia feeder operators to NVOCCs and ISO tank operators.

For each and every principal, our aim is to leverage growth and to maximise their revenue streams whilst using our relationships with (local) vendors and service providers to keep costs to a minimum.

We recognise that in today’s ever-competitive market, finding new sources of cargo is essential for every shipping line. That is why our marketing teams across Asia invest heavily in maintaining strong relationships with a wide range of shippers, manufacturers, trade associations, freight forwarders and NVOCCs.

In particular, we make a point of working closely with each of our principals to help grow their business. This may include conducting trade or due diligence projects, providing updates on local markets, assessing any changes in local legislation or providing advice on improving operational profitability, including the out-sourcing of key activities.

Our front office sales operations are supported in each office by a fully-trained team of customer service and documentation staff members, who provide a full range of container logistics & management support services as well as documentation, freight collection, account management and bill of lading services.

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