Port Agency Services

We provide port agency services to our customers across Asia, on average handling a different ship every 35 minutes. In every country, we adopt a four-fold approach to optimally serve our customers: we maintain the highest possible international standards in terms of health, security and safety, aim to achieve the fastest possible turnaround times, help our customers to realise cost-savings and provide reliable and error-free cash and funding management. 

Throughout Asia, we commonly handle a wide variety of different vessels including dry bulk carriers, crude, product, gas and chemical tankers, offshore supply vessels, specialised vessels (e.g. tugs, livestock, dredgers, survey vessels), heavy lift vessels and cruise liners.

To provide an efficient and safe handling of customers’ funds, S5 Asia also operates a hub office in Hong Kong. Designed specifically to manage the accounting, administration and communication functions on behalf of our principals, the office provides a one-stop solution for those customers who have port calls in more than one country across the region.

Our full service coverage includes the following activities:

  • Liaison with port authorities;
  • Port captains to supervise operations;
  • Crew changes, replenishment of bunkers and on/off hire surveys;
  • Timely finalisation of disbursement accounts;
  • Emergency reposnse procedures;
  • Supervision of loading and discharging.

At +500 ports we have a local team of experts ready to meet your requirements! Easily find your local contacts here.

Minimising turnaround times

To ensure a fast and efficient response to any request from our customers, our offices operate 24 hours a day with a team of experienced local staff. Combined with a thorough understanding of local laws and practices, our aim is to ensure that vessels spend the minimum amount of time in port.

Accurate disbursement and fund management

All disbursement accounts and port cost calculations are checked by a team specialising in maritime accounting and finance. For convenience, S5 Asia is also able to manage port call funding through a single point of contact at our hub office in Hong Kong.

Sharing local knowledge

To help customers not only with their current operations but also with future planning, S5 Asia provides local market and operational intelligence such as line-ups, new port developments and availability of storage facilities at the port.

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