Mission,Vision & Values

Mission & Vision

Our mission is clear and to the point: ‘We make shipping easy’. S5 Eurasia endeavours to make a real difference during each call, for every customer – in terms of service provision as well as costs. We elevate shipping services to the next level, both substantively and geographically, all with the aim of fully unburdening you, the customer - whether you’re a local player or a globally operating shipping line.

Through our unique distinctive qualities - including an unrivalled network - S5 Eurasia aims to develop into the leading shipping services company in the world.

Corporate Values

Clear corporate values are at the heart of all our business relations:

Integrity and respect

We always operate on the basis of honesty and trust and are fully transparent.

Service and commitment

Quality is paramount to us. Every detail has to be right. We want our customers to always associate us with reliability and flexibility.


We are open to any change that will benefit our customers and actively take the lead in new developments

No Nonsense

Action speaks louder than words; we prefer to let facts and results do the talking for us.

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